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With 77 selected projects for more than 1 billion € in direct funding, Grenoble is the second-most funded location (after Paris) of the first round of the Investment for the Future (IDEX) program.

Laboratories of excellence (LABEX)

  • AE&CC / Architecture, environment and building culture
  • AMIES / Promoting mathematics in businesses
  • ARCANE / Bio-inspired and bio-targeted chemistry
  • CAMI / Pushing the boundaries of surgery 
  • CEMAM / Excellence for multifunctional architectured materials 
  • ENIGMASS / The enigma of mass
  • FOCUS / Better detectors for exploring the Universe
  • GRAL / Grenoble alliance for integrated structural and cellular biology
  • ITEM / Social change and innovation in mountainous regions
  • LANEF / Laboratory of Nanoscience Alliances – Future Energies
  • MINOS-LAB / The miniature of nanoelectronic components
  • OSUG@2020 / Towards a better understanding and prediction of natural systems 
  • PERSYVAL-LAB / The physical and digital worlds come together
  • TEC21 / Complexity engineering for technological innovation 

Excellence initiatives in innovative education (IDEFI)

  • ÉNEPS / A path of excellence for professional bachelor students
  • Innovalangues / Innovation in language learning
  • Promising / The collective intelligence of innovation

Technological research institute (IRT)

  • Nanoélec / Preparing the new functionalities of tomorrow’s nanoelectronic technologies

Updated on November 14, 2018

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