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Grenoble still top as the best place in France to be a student


Grenoble comes first as the place where it is good to study for the magazine l'Étudiant


For the 7th year running, the magazine l'Étudiant has published its list of the top university towns in France. In its ranking of 42 towns each with more than 8,000 students, Grenoble again comes out first as the place where it is good to study!

In its annual ranking of cities where it is good to be a student, the magazine l'Etudiant uses nine separate categories in its classification: culture, employment, environment, courses, housing, international reputation, entertainment, sports and transport, using 37 different criteria for its investigation. 42 cities and metropolitan areas with more than 8,000 students get the full treatment. The result? Although Grenoble does not come top in any of the 9 separate categories, the capital of the Alps nonetheless comes out top as the best all-round place for higher education. Number one overall in France!


What is the ideal university town?...

The editorial team at France's number-one student magazine has drawn up the profile of the ideal university city: « a city with lots of sunshine, with an international reputation for academic excellence, with close links between the university world and a network of recruiting companies. This historic metropolis, criss-crossed by bus routes, tramways and cycle paths, offers students a whole range of accommodation facilities, either individually or sharing, as well as special sports and leisure' cards at student rates. This means students have easy access to all types of cultural and sports facilities, some of them situated in green open spaces. And in the evening, the downtown area comes alive with music and a bustling atmosphere in the many bars, restaurants and discothèques. »

Those who have already been to Grenoble will easily recognize this portrait of the capital of the Alps. And then there is skiing on top of this! It is therefore not a big surprise to find it back at number 1'. Since this league table was created in 2007, Grenoble has always been in the top two.


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Updated on September 16, 2014

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