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Achats B2B via les enchères électroniques : quels bilans pour une pratique désormais mature ?

le 2 novembre 2015
de 17h à 19h
Informatique et numérique, Sciences de la société

Une conférence de Rana Tassabehji, professeur invité à l'IAE de Grenoble.


Electronic Reverse Auctions (eRA), a tool increasingly used for online purchasing, have had a mixed reception from organisations in different industry sectors. Suppliers have distinctly negative opinions arguing it is merely a tool for driving down prices. On the other hand purchasers deeply in favour of ERAs argue that it is a highly effective tool for increasing the efficiency and transparency and reducing the time and costs of the procurement process. The arguments for and against electronic reverse auctions will be presented and empirical  research demonstrating how perceptions about eRAs are maturing and changing. We ask whether eRAs are finally emerging from the Technology Hype Cycle's Trough of Disillusionment to the Plateau of Productivity and how eRAs can best be implemented to achieve their potential as an efficient and effective online procurement tool.

Dr Rana Tassabehji

Dr Rana Tassabehji is a senior lecturer at the University of Bradford School of Management. Her research, consulting and teaching interests focus on diffusion, management and implementation of digital technologies, e-business and innovation in both the public and private sectors, and more recently the role of women in technology. Specifically her research interests are in electronic and transformational government, the impact of digital technology on operations and supply chains and innovation diffusion and management of new technologies and the role of women in the development of new technologies. Her research has been published in a number of journal articles, books and conferences. She has attracted over £1 million in research funding from bodies such as the EU, the European Investment Bank, and the ESRC.

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